What is water damage and it’s causes?

What is water damage and it’s causes?

Water damage is a term that is used to describe a big number of occurrence of losses that are caused by water intrusion that attacks materials or structures and causes destruction like rotting of wooden structures, the growth of molds, rusting of metallic properties and making materials such as plywood be de-laminated.

Causes of water damage

Water damage is a result of pooling of excessive water into areas it is not supposed to be. There are a variety of factors that contribute to this pooling of water thereby lead to water damage. Therefore, it is essential for you to be aware of the causes involved so that you are able to take important precaution measures that will be helpful in insuring against leakage or flooding. In addition, it is easier to spot the occurrence of a problem immediately and work on it before it can cause considerable damage. The earlier you notice the problem, the better so that less work is done in extracting, and this can be done better when you involve a water damage restoration company. The primary causes of water damage include:

Pipe leakage and bursts-This may occur due to blocking and backing up of drains and toilets thus causing undue pressure in the pipes leading to their bursting or leaking

Plumbing system issues-Most plumbing issues may occur within the walls thus they are difficult to detect. They occur as a result of the hoses and joints of the pipes not being fully attached. To mitigate these issues, it is advisable to carry out periodic inspections under the sinks.

Building structures in areas that are prone to water collection-There are certain sections of homes or commercial buildings that are prone to water damage such as basements, crawl spaces, and attics. Leakages may be caused by moisture that drips through the concretes foundation of a building. Likewise, a dark damp crawl space is a good environment for molds to flourish thus causing damage to structures.

Faulty household appliances and malfunctions- Household that begins getting older, have pipes containing rust and cracks, therefore weakening their hoses. Appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters are prone to deterioration; therefore, you should keep an eye on these devices.

Issues with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning units-They also contribute to water damage, for instance, air conditioners require to be serviced regularly. Failure to do so may cause building up of moisture.

An occurrence of natural disasters and other problems relating to weather- Although you cannot take control over disasters related to natural water, there are possible preventive measures you can take in order to minimize the effects of water damage in your home. For instance, once your home has been hit by floods or sudden storms, you can contact the water damage restoration experts as quick as possible to avert further destruction.

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