About San Francisco Waterfront Alliance

The San Francisco Waterfront Alliance — a coalition of neighbors, homeowners, and concerned San Franciscans — has joined with organizations such as Save The Bay, the Sierra Club, Baykeeper, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Advocates for South Beach Harbor, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and San Francisco Tomorrow to take action to stop the shortcuts, protect our waterfront and ensure the public’s voice is heard. Please join us in fighting for a fair process where all the facts are known and all voices will be heard.

We stand for some of those old values and believe that decision-makers who cast a vote on developments in San Francisco should pay more than lip service to a full and fair process.  Fairness. Integrity.  These vital qualities are too precious to let slip away.

The San Francisco Waterfront Alliance was founded by Gayle Cahill, President, Rudy Nothenberg, Secretary/Treasurer and Richard Dickerson, Chief Financial Officer.


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San Francisco Waterfront Alliance

P.O. Box 78533
San Francisco, CA 94107




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